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Stainless steel rods manufacturers and stockists produce rods in numerous types, shapes, sizes, and grades catering to the diverse technical requirements of various industries. ...

Stainless Steel Rods: Specifications

Flat, round, hexagonal, square, and channel are the standard types offered by leading stainless steel rods suppliers and exporters in the industry.

Our product line of stainless steel rods consists of 202, 304, 304L, 310/ 310S, 316/ 316L/ 316Ti, 347/ 347H, 446, and 904L in all standards, finishes, and dimensions. These various ranges are appreciated for their optimum strength, dimensional accuracy, and perfect finish.

For instance, the 304 stainless steel rod has excellent resistance to corrosion as well as extremely suitable for forming, and welding processes but average for machining. And 316 stainless steel rod is relatively harder for machining and it does not stain, corrode or rust like any other normal carbon steel.

Based on the proportion of metals used in the alloy-based products, the definite strength of most stainless grade rods will range from about 67 Ksi to 218 Ksi. Plus, the stainless steel rod has less magnetic quality when compared to standard steel products.

The surface finish of stainless steel rods can vary from cold drawn, centerless ground, smooth turned, rough turned, turned ground, and polished to HRAP.

Applications And Uses Of Stainless Steel Rods

In machining industries, our stainless steel rod renders higher cutting speed and longer tool life. The stainless steel rods manufactured by us offer exceptional properties of corrosion resistance.

With precise, straightened, and fine surface finish, these specialty stainless steel rods are extensively used in the manufacturing of different types of machine parts and equipment such as:

  • Medical equipment and surgical instruments
  • Motor pump shafts, Electronic fuel injectors, and Valves
  • Fasteners, Studs, Bolts, and Pins
  • Home appliances
  • Electrical and electromagnetic devices
  • Machine tools and Industrial machined components
  • Dairy machinery equiments
  • Threaded bars, Hinges, and Handles
  • Marine and shipbuilding equipment
  • Automotive parts
  • Heavy earth moving equipment in the construction industry

Why Choose Stainless Steel Rods From Ashwin Impex?

As one of the largest stainless steel rods manufacturers, Ashwin Impex offers 200, 300, 400, and 900 series of various sizes and grades - at a competitive price in the industry.

Owing to the product-specific manufacturing techniques, the performance of the stainless steel rods offered by us always surpasses the technical requirements and expectations of our customers.

The quality control department of Ashwin Impex conducts a host of stringent quality tests prior to shipping. Ultrasonic tests, surface, and internal defects tests, composition analysis, tensile strength, and other mechanical tests such as positive material identification PMI, and chemical tests are invariably performed on each product not only to substantiate the worthiness of the bars but also to establish the trust in the product and to check their suitability for the intended industrial use.

With the appropriate packaging, we as stainless steel rods suppliers ensure that there is no damage in transit. Apart from rods, we also supply high-quality stainless steel pipes, stainless steel plates, stainless steel sheets, etc. that have successfully cleared the standard, stringent quality test.

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