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Ashwin Impex is among the most prestigious stainless steel round bars suppliers in India and across the globe, consistently serving a diverse range of market requirements with the help of quality engineered stainless steel products....

Prior to packaging and delivering all of the products offered by ss round bars suppliers are thoroughly tested based on certain metrics such as durability and quality. Multiple types of standard testing techniques are employed such as flaring test, third party inspection, flattening test, PMI test (positive material identification), etc, in order to acquire reliable durability and quality metric.

Our testing laboratory is well equipped with advanced facilities. This is the reason why the stainless steel products offered by the other suppliers cannot match the optimal performance and excellent efficiency of the products offered by us.

Stainless Steel Round Bars: Grade & Specification

The metric of the maximum amount of stress that can be developed in the SS round bar without causing plastic deformation, which is also known as Yield strength at 0.2% offset is 205 MPa or 30000 Psi. On the other hand, the value of the SS round bar’s tensile strength is 515 MPa or 75000 Psi and the SS round bar’s melting point is 1400 degrees Celsius or 2550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, the Stainless steel round bar density value is 8.0 g/ cm3 and the Elongation value is 35%. The stainless steel bar is also available in custom-cut lengths as well as in standard lengths ranging from 1 meter to 6 meters respectively.

Similar to several other types of products, stainless steel round bars are extensively used because of their durability, strength, and strong resistance to corrosion. The function of the stainless steel grading system is to identify each SS round bar with its unique properties that can be appropriately utilized in industrial applications and commercial settings.

The standard grading system consists of grade series of 200 that includes 202, grade series of 300 consists of 304, 304L, 310, 310S, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 321H, 317, 317L, 347, and 347H, grade series of 400 consists of 410, 420, 422, and 446, as well as grade series of 900 consisting of 904L.

The special-purpose duplex steel SS round bars of grade 2205, 2507, S31803/ S32205, and 32750/ 32760 are exclusively manufactured for custom large-scale industrial requirements.

Types Of SS Round Bars We Offer

There are a few crucial types of SS round bars that are extensively manufactured and supplied by Ashwin Impex which include highly versatile stainless steel forged bars used in the manufacturing of gear parts, steel square bars used for general repairs of plant equipment, and stainless hot-rolled bars used in the construction of railroad tracks.

The other types of rods and bars are stainless steel rectangular bars, ASTM A276 steel flat bars, SS treaded bars, A276 stainless bright bar, stainless steel polished bar, A276 SS cold rolled bars, and stainless steel hex bars successfully carters market demands.

The dominant applications of ss round bars can be found in the Pipeline engineering industries, mechanical engineering industries, renewable energy industries such as nuclear, solar, and wind, food processing industries, marine engineering industries, chemical processing industries, and aerospace industries.

Why Choose Round Bars From Ashwin Impex?

At Ashwin Impex, our team of qualified engineers relentlessly pursue advanced technological knowledge and specialized manufacturing expertise to provide exceptional stainless steel round bars.

Because of our decades of consistent technological innovation and optimally engineered quality products, Ashwin Impex is considered to be one of the most reliable stainless steel round bars suppliers by the metal industry in India and all over the world.

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